Educational Project has been our critical focus throughout the year with various activities. To follow-up with our project of tour-guiding training for apprentices, RTC continues our program in 2015 to create an opportunity for senior students to learn and practice knowledges on the tour-guiding major they’re studying at school. This program has initiated and organised in 2014 and received massive and positive feedback from both students and tour operators in Hanoi. Attracted more than a hundred applications, RTC has chosen 20 students for our intensive three-month training. 5 out of 20 was verified to be ready for guiding on virtual tours.

On-job training at Dong Ngac CBT

On-job training at Dong Ngac CBT

Want to meet and greet with our alumni? Find RTC Young Tour Guide Group here!

What we want for this program?

  • To support senior students to meet with their potential employer (tour operators) and have a chance to do an internship in their last year;
  • To create a chance for students to experience a real ethical working environment with actual tasks in order to get and gain appropriate attitude, professionalism;
  • To support RTC members who are tour operators to find a good match for their company to join their working team;

What we expect?

  • 20 outstanding students for this program to be assigned for an internship at one of our member companies;
  • 5 verified students to guide tours for our members after the completion of the internship;

The process

Timeline Venue Activities
28 May 2015(8:00-10:00) Hanoi Open Univeristy(HOU) Open talk among RTC representatives, experienced tourguides, and students studying tour-guiding at HOU
06 May 2015(14:00-16:00) University of Social Sciences and Humanities (USSH) Open talk among RTC representatives, experienced tourguides, and students studying tour-guiding at USSH
07-21 May 2015 Online – RTC website Online registration
26-29 May 2015 RTC office Interview to get the shortlist for the internship program
05 Jun 2015 Convention Room Networking between intern recruiters (RTC members) and short listed students. RTC is responsible for assigning who interns at which company.
Jun-Jul 2015 Recruiter (RTC member)office Internship at assigned company. Each company is responsible for their internee during this internship period.
12 Aug 2015 Convention Room Evaluation and Certificate Awarding Ceremony.

Who can join?

  • Senior student (last year student) at HOU or USSH studying Tour-guiding;
  • Want to take tour-guiding as a profession;
  • Relatively fluent in English speaking (IELTS 5.5 in speaking or equivalent);

How can you apply?

Step 1: ONLINE REGISTRATION by Filling in this form. Registration duration from 7-21 May 2015

Step 2: Result is informed via email on 23 March 2015

Good luck and looking forward to receiving your application!