Welcome to RTC Vietnam


Tourism is a goose that not only lays a golden egg, but also fauls its own nest. (Hawkins,1982)

RTC is the farmer who takes a good care of the goose as well as the nest. (RTC,2009)

The Responsible Travel Club of Vietnam (RTC) is an informal association of different travel agencies, NGOs and individuals dedicated to building, practicing & developing responsible travel for a sustainable growth in tourism to all regions in Vietnam established since 2009.

RTC is not a training association or a marketing agency. Everybody from tour operator, organization to individual is volunteering to join, share and work together to promote sustainable growth of tourism in Vietnam.

RTC’s philosophy:

  • Community Support
  • Business Collaboration
  • Environment Conservation & Protection
  • Culture Preservation

RTC’s priorities:

  • Training on responsible tourism: Information exchange & capacity building for our members and other stakeholders in tourism
  • Conservation: Organize activities on conserving the fauna & flora, culture and environment
  • Development projects: Collaborate with other development organizations on the development of tourism-oriented projects as a solution to increase the livelihood for the local communities

RTC’s vision:

RTC will become a leading club in developing responsible tourism in Vietnam with a network of commited and responsible members from the North to the South.

What can you benefit from RTC?

With our missions & goals, we have been supporting our members in managing responsible tourism, a part of that is to enhance our members’ business images through responsible activities. RTC is an ideal place to share information and business cooporation for the success of members and the sustainability of Vietnam tourism.