Everybody can join RTC

RTC Vietnam is open to Vietnamese tourism companies, as well as foreign tourism companies and individuals who voluntarily wish to support promoting responsible travel in Vietnam. Memberships is granted following a transparent application procedure, final membership approval by the board of managers.
Conditions for becoming a RTC Vietnam member:

  • Demonstrated commitment to develop and improve responsible travel in Vietnam. This will be assessed by a letter of application, the potential member’s responsible travel policy, and past demonstrations supporting responsible travel.
  • Provide a liaison officer who will have the necessary time and resources to work with the club for the duration of the membership.
  • Legal proof of business certification, as relevant for the applicant’s business, or proof that permission has been granted to operate in that position in Vietnam by the authorities.
  • Agree to follow RTC Vietnam’s Responsible Travel Code of Conduct.
  • Pay annual fee that is equivalent to membership type registered at RTC

Contact us for more details membership application.
No. 10A Ly Nam De, Hanoi, Vienam
Tel: ++84 96 3134 410
Mr.Hiền President – Hotline: +84 91 324 8542
Ms.Trang Representative – Hotline: +84 96 3134 410
Email: [email protected]