Introduction of the handbook on “Management & Development of eco-tourism in Vietnam”

On 25/02/2013, Institute for Tourism Development Research organized a training course in Hanoi on introduction of the handbook on “Management & Development of eco-tourism in Vietnam” for those who involve in the tourism industry. This is the second training session following the training session was held in Ninh Binh before.

The training program is operating within the framework of the project “Capacity Building for the tourism industry in the implementation of the strategy of tourism development for the period 2011 – 2020, Vision 2030” by the Spanish Government through the Spanish agency for international development cooperation (AECID) funding.

The handbook “Management & Development of eco-tourism in Vietnam” was launched in the context of the increasing interest and efforts in developing ecotourism in Vietnam. The manual was completed with the financial support of AECID and the professional guidance of the Department of Tourism, Institute for Tourism Development Researchs, Vietnam Institute for Sustainable Tourism.

Speaking at the workshop, Prof. Dr. Pham Trung Luong, Deputy Director of theInstitute for Tourism Development Research, said: This is the research result of the authors group with the effort to capacity building for ecotourism development in Vietnam. The manual was made with the desire to be used as a guidebook for the managers and eco-tourism operators in improving the knowledge and professional skills, facilitate the professional work. Meanwhile, it is also the handbook for stakeholders on the methods of building and recognizing tourist attractions in Vietnam.

This document helps the unit-level managers to have better understanding of the criterias, processes and administrative procedures in recognition for the eco-tourism label, to facilitate the procedure. At the same time, it appears as an important source of reference for the exploitators and users of natural resources at the tourist destinations, tourism researchers …
At the training session, the delegates from the tourism authorities and the tourism businesses attentionally listened to the presentation for the handbook from the experts and edittors of the book, including an overview of the basic concepts of ecotourism, potentials of Vietnam tourism, guiding criterias for eco-tourism evaluation, assessment process, accreditation of  eco-tourism standards; management guidelines for ecotourism development. Then, the participants had an useful opinions-exchange and discussion on contributing ideas to help editing and finishing the handbook “Management & Development of eco-tourism in Vietnam”.
Source: Trang Le, Vietnam Tourism Review