Understanding that actions for responsible travel need efforts from all stakeholders, including Tour Operators and Tourguides, RTC has stood up to organize a casual meet-up for RTC’s tour operators and their tourguides to work out the chain of those two parties.

The “beer” meet-up has attracted 12 tourguides and all RTC members as we expected with very open discussion. As such, “beer does the talk” and RTC does the record. The current issue of Tourguides in a whole has put on the table for an intense debate.

RTC wanted to understand the drives of the issue and finalized them based on 4 criterias: Unstable income, Lack of respect from Tour Operators to their job as tourguideAttrative commision and the right of receiving commission under some circumstances, lack of reliable resources to know-how and lack of proper training classes for them to attend and improve their knowledge as they would be willing to take if there is any.

As a result of the meet-up, RTC has form a Tourguides Group with passionate, experienced, dedicate tourguides to cooperate with us in our long-term Tourguide Project with only one purpose: Contributing to developing responsible tourism in Vietnam.