Destination: Sapa

Duration: 2D1N

Hosted by: Sisters Tours Vietnam

Responsible practice features: Traditional cultural tour

Tour discription: 

Thổ cẩm Sapa

There are 53 ethnic minorities in Vietnam and each minority has its own textiles tradition and costume. There are crossovers but they still remain quite distinct as each tribe has its own symbolisms and patterns marking their identity. When you are up north the cloth is heavier because of the weather but as you go down south, silk becomes the fabric of choice. The most defining element of textiles in Vietnam is its surface decoration and fabric manipulation techniques such as pleating, i-kat. Also, color holds a key role. The surrounding natural environment is translated into vibrant fabric.
This textile tour is a fascinating excursion that provides opportunity to deeply explore and experiences various kind of textile weaving and dying art in Vietnam. Discover the diversity of their colorful costumes and dress; learn about their unique textiles, embroidery styles, cultures and traditions. Hands on lessons in tribal embroidery, silk weaving & natural dyes classes, learning how to use tubers, fruits, and leaves from the forest to dye the beautiful colors in textile.
In effort we are making, our textile & craft tour itineraries specialize in remarkable experience to customer and contribute tourism interest to support and preserve traditional textile that gradually lost, making tours to special interesting poor village where local people try to learn and work hard to meet the demand of life and make their life better.
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