In response to Earth Hour worldwide ( Earth Hour )  in raising public awareness about the importance of protecting the environment for a sustainable development of the planet, The Responsible Travel Club of Vietnam (RTC), in association with RMIT Environment Club and Animals Asia, have launched a series of events for Power OFF – Future ON campaign for the purpose of urging supports and participation of the members in the club, colleagues in tourism industry and the public in practicing responsible tourism and taking responsiblity for our own life by minimizing the negative impacts on the environment, with a formal night event held on Mar 28,2014, at the Matchbox Restaurant, 40 Cao Ba Quat, Hanoi.

Power OFF – Future ON

Power OFF – Future ON campaign began with a series of activities, including the Filmaking for the Environment Contest and Green Invention for the members of RTC and the public to participate.

After nearly a month running the Filmaking for the Environment Contest, RTC has received responses from 8 official members with lots of different ideas on conducting green office practices in their workingplace. After a day of hard work, the judges have decided and the award goes to Footprint Vietnam Travel’ Video. As in Audience’s Choice Award category, Sisters Tours Vietnam’s Video has won the heart the the audience and honored this award.

The Green Invention Contest  has as well received a huge support from the participants with many unique ideas in recycling daily wastes. These fabulous recycled products have been sold in the auction at the night of event to raise funds for Tam Dao Bear Rescue Center.

Great Green Inventor with their fabulous recycled products

To emphasize the warning fact of the greenhouse gas effects to global warming, RTC required all participants to use green transport such as walking, biking, bus, … to the event. Otherwise, they would have to pay the fine to compensate for the damages they create on the environment. This collectibles will be used to fund for the activities of RMIT Environment Club.

Pay the fine to compensate for the damages created on the environment.

At the Power OFF – Future ON event, the participants have engaged in interactive games such as “Catch Words from Actions” to share pratical and useful messages environmental protection practices to ensure the quality of living and “Green Living Diagram” for all participants to find out who is the greenest that have most positive contributions in protecting the environment by small daily actions.

Having fun at the Green Living Diagram game.

Come together and spread the green

Power off – Party on

The Power OFF – Future ON event has ended but RTC hopes the environmental protection practices will continue to spread in every office, every destination you visit, so that throughout a year, there will not only be Earth Hour, but Earth Day, Earth Month, Earth Year, and that positive actions will not stop at turning off the lights, but also “Garbage into the bin”, “Say NO to plastic bag”,”Go green”,”Go vegie once a week”, “Put a stop to a drop”.

Lan Chi