A cycling countryside Hanoi trip

A cycling countryside Hanoi trip


Knowing the needs of developing new products each year of our members, each year RTC thrives to organise several inspection trip for our members to discover new products, network and brainstorm on managing the destination responsibly and sustainably. No matter where we go, we always pack a set of principles with us:

  • Respect local original cultures and wildlife;
  • Off the high season, off the beaten path;
  • Trash our trash;
  • Use local services;
  • Reduce what we can; Offset what we can’t;
  • Reduce as much as possible carbon footprints;

Over the years, we have done plenty of trips to different parts all over Vietnam. The idea of the inspection trip is not about “exploiting e new destination”, but it’s all about how we can help the destination with comparative advantages to develop tourism in a way that sustaining socio-economy, original cultures and nature. Inspection trip is another mean of field trip, at which each tour operator hands on responsible travel practices under the guidelines of RTC. From there, they can pick up practical and suitable actions to be integrated into their our offers and to positively influence their clients and partners.