Destination: Hanoi

Duration: 1D

Hosted by: Sisters Tours Vietnam

Responsible practice features: Traditional cultural tour

Tour discription: 

In Vietnam, textiles are considered to be one of the highest forms of art and spiritual expression. The knowledge and skills required to create these textiles have been passed down through generations. By utilizing primarily the simple blackstrap loom, local people have crafted one of the most advanced and sophisticated weaving cultures in the history of civilization. Our textile tours are fascinating excursions provides opportunity to deeply explore and experiences various kind of textile weaving and dying art in Vietnam. Discover the diversity of their colorful costumes and dress; learn about their unique textiles, embroidery styles, cultures and traditions. Hands on lessons in tribal embroidery, silk weaving & natural dyes classes, learning how to use tubers, fruits, and leaves from the forest to dye the beautiful colors in textile.

This holiday have been designed for small groups and family or textile lovers who have an interest in craft and local culture. It is a unique opportunity to travel with like-minded people and explore all the wonderful Vietnam textile and craft history and culture, workshop that this part of the world has to offer. Combine this with hand-on natural dying workshop and you have your own product of indigo dye textile for the holiday experience of a lifetime.

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