Cô Tô clean up

Location: Cô Tô Island, Quảng Ninh Province

Date: 27-29 July 2012

Organisers & Donor: RTC Vietnam


RTC has organised an activity called “RTC for a Green-Clean-Beautiful Co To” in Co To Island from 27 to 29 of July, 2012. The activity includes cleaning-up in the harbour area, the centre, seashore of Co To with the participation of RTC’s members including Sisters Tours Vietnam, Footprint Vietnam Travel, Indochina Travelland, Vietnam Discovery Travel, GSO Travel.

Most of Vietnam’s tourist attractions more or less face the problem of pollution, especially from wastes. Local people and tourists are the ones who dump the wastes into the environment. People’s low consciousness is not the only one to blame but the lack of trash-bin in such places.

As such, the Responsible Travel Club of Vietnam (RTC) has chosen Co To Island to be our first destination for installing the first trash-bins and cleaning up on this small beautiful island, with the hope of improving the environment in Co To Island. RTC stood up as a pioneer in the “Clean-up” Movement in Co To. The act has positively influenced not only the local people but also the tourist visiting the island. So many locals and tourists have joined us during RTC’s Clean-up. RTC just want more and more people be aware of the importance of clean environment to human’s health. Pick up the trashes and put them in a bin! That’s the message we want to spread to the community.


The event is aimed at promoting sustainable tourism in the emerging destination, raising community awareness of the environmental issues, supporting them with trash-bins in most residents and tourists crowded areas to create a new habit of disposing trashes for the people here.


  • 20 members actively joined the movement of cleaning and installing trash-bins in Cô Tô;
  • Cô Tô Youth Union and Committee have joined ad supported RTC in our event;
  • 100 local people and tourists met along the walk have increase awareness of climate change