Asia Aventura

Asia Aventura is a B2B travel company and was officially launched in 2001 with the ambition of becoming the number one specialist for adventure tours in Vietnam and Indochina. And now, our dream has been turned into reality. We are having good relationship with many big adventure tour operators worldwide and serving thousands of tourists each year. Our local team, with its enormous passion for adventure travel and first-hand knowledge of the destinations has been the backbone of our success. They commit to meet all demands of traveller as well as guarantee the top notch service.

Our Product Team always take their efforts in seeking at least 2 – 3 new products annually. These product are not only to meet growing customer’s demand but also make our business more sustainable.
We have the chain of Homestay and Ecolodge from the North to the South. Asia Aventura’s operation is based on the principle of sustainable tourism: Create job for local people, support local culture conservation, charity and environmental protection.

Contact Information:

Address: No.26-28, Hang Bot Street, Dong Da District, Hanoi
Phone:  +84.24.62639966
Email: [email protected]