Networking with RTC on Hanoi-around FAM trip

On 11/05/2013, The Responsible Travel Club of Vietnam (RTC) has organized a biking trip for RTC’s members with the participation of our special guests who are travel agencies in Hanoi to investigate new attractions around Hanoi and meet up with colleagues in the tourism industry. This is one of the regular activities of the club in a year. With the purpose of inspecting “old names, new activities” for the city day tour, and a networking for our folks in the tourist trade, the trip has attracted 40 enthusiastic participants.

This time, RTC has chosen Bat Trang and Thanh Tri village to be the inspection destinations to explore. Bat Trang, a name that is no stranger when it comes to tourist attractions around Ha Noi, however, how to organize touring activities to ensure the sustainability of pottery here is still a question to ask. A similar problem also occurs with the traditional cookery of making pancake rolls of Thanh Tri village. The rapid development of urbanization and the booming in the number of tourists visiting, partially influenced the sustainable development of the two villages are in need of conservation. Fighting for all the right reason, RTC was trying to call for attention and participation of our colleagues to work out an alternative solution for the conservation of small village, yet very important in Vietnam tourism map.

Biking to minimize the carbon emissionsinto the environment

Coach Trung, guiding cycling techniques and cycling safety  before the ride to avoid causing traffic blocking

Warm-up and team-massage before the long ride

Stunning off-beaten tracks inside Hanoi

Mr.Thu,  son of Bat Trang’s most well-known craftsman Le Van Cam, introducing the process of hand-making pottery in his workshop, one of the rare hand-craft and delicate workshops in Bat Trang.

Exquisite product is hand-making

Taking a ferry boat over Red River in Hanoi

Mrs.My, a Master Chef in making the famous Banh Cuon (pancake) Thanh Tri teaching our participants her secret for a perfect Banh Cuon dish

From practice to crowing a master, it takes efforts and passion.

Time of casual networking for the folks

During the meeting, different companies with one same desire of promoting the development of responsible tourism, have openly shared their comments, opinions, and ideas for the sustainable development of Vietnam tourism. The trip ended, many concerns were confided and shared, new ideas were formed and contributed. And one thing is certain, the development of responsible tourism, under the endless support of more and more companies and organizations, will surely create positive changes in Vietnam’s tourism environment.

Lan Chi