In the end of 2007, one of RTC’s founding members, Indochina Travelland has first started their Hands of Hope project to support some unlucky and orphaned youth they have met throughout their travels.

Most of the children come from poor rural areas.

One of the lucky, who is currently beening supported by Indochina Travelland, is Hien.

Hien is one of the least happy that we have ever come to know. His father passed away when he was 8 years old and with his mother mentally ill, the family struggled for many years.

Fortunately, the family received a litle assistancefrom a local social care center, which provided him a small chance to become a student of a famous charity restaurant in Ha Noi called KOTO.

KOTO was opened by Mr. Jimmy Pham, a Viet Kieu (Vietnamese people living oversea) from Australia. This restaurant has been established for local poor children, providing them the opportunity to work and study at the same time.(

Although Hien is now a student of KOTO, him and his family are still in great need of support as his mother requires regular medical treatment at home.

Understanding his difficulties and with KOTO knowing of our “Hands of Hope” projects, Indochina Travelland team was contacted and asked to meet and possibly assist Hien and his family.

The team now support Hien and his family to both financially and personally.