Chula Fashion

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Open for 10 years, Chula has become a not- to – be missed destination in Hanoi. Quietly located beside the famous West Lake, Chula is not only an ideal shopping venue with unique designed dresses, but also a fascinating and stylish exhibition space which blends culture, arts, religion and architecture of Vietnam.
Chula always sets to become a cultural venue where tourists and who work in tourism sector can meet and share ideas about a responsible tourism respecting the environment and the local values. They use Vietnamese traditional materials to produce their unique designs. As well, most of their designs are inspried by the culture and lifestyle of Vietnam and every design they sell for internationl tourist, it’s a time when the culture of Vietnam is spread out in all over the world. Moreover, Chula is a special firm with almost 80% of employees who suffer some kind of disabilities. They also supports for free the venue for cultural activities and artists.
The Chula team believes, by participating RTC, they contribute more for a responsile toursim in Vietnam.

Contact Information:

Address:  43 Nhat Chieu, Tay Ho, Hanoi, Vietnam

Phone:  +84 90 425 8960

Email: [email protected]