Bui Hoang Ha

Cycling in Dong Ngac

Name in full: Bui Hoang Ha

Profession: Freelance Community Based Tourism Expert

Mr.Ha has been enthuastically supporting RTC since our very first days. Being a former at Sustainable Tourism-Oriented NGOs such as FFI, Caritas Switzerland, Mr.Ha has helped us significantly in techinical info as well as being a liaison connecting RTC to responsible tourism development projects. Ha said: “As a development expert, I had jointed tourism industry accidently. I saw that tourism could contribute to the development and poverty deduction. Within tourism industry, the significant emerging trend of responsible travel interested me the most. For sure, with responsible travel principles, it could help to conserve culture and nature heritage beside providing a potential sustainable income source for local hosts. I appreciate the opportunity of being a member of RTC so that contribute to the development of Vietnam tourism in general and especially to promote responsible travel.”

Contact Ha at: hoangha1503@gmail.com