Nguyen Bich Ngoc

Name in full: Nguyễn Bích Ngọc
Profession: Sales Manager at HG Travel
Ngoc graduated from Hanoi University of Foreign Studies in 2005, Faculty of Russian Language and have been working in travel industry since then. In 2006, she has spent time living in Russia and came back to Vietnam continue work on tourism industry in 2007. Ngoc has supported RTC from the beginning as a representative for GSO Travel. After her job transition to HG Travel, she is still keen on contributing her efforts to promote responsible travel as an individual. Ngoc has travelled to over 10 countries and that’s not the last number. And everytime, she tried to travel as a responsible traveller at most. Ngoc is back on board with other colleagues at RTC since 2014 with a hope of learning more about responsible tourism practices to make positive influence to her friends and partners in tourism.
Contact Ngoc at [email protected] or connect her over Facebook